Call me with your idea. 

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We have done many built in gas grills, kamado / gas grill combos and stands for other types of smokers. I am interested in hearing your ideas and we look forward to the challenge of building something new and different from our normal line. If I decide to build your idea I don’t charge you up front. We will build it first and if you like it, then you can buy it. I have had good luck doing business this way and I am yet to take a loss because the customer didn’t like our work. Call 478-391-7168 and talk to the owner, Dana Harris.

Tall Triple Deluxe

We recently built this Tall Triple Deluxe Table for a customer in Dade City Florida. It is 10 feet long with two drop leaves making it a total of 14 feet long. This was our first triple table and we thank the customer for allowing us to build it for him and for allowing us to show it here on the website as an example of the kind of custom work we can do. This table also features corrugated metal sides. Call us with your ideas!

I meet the nicest people doing this.

This nice couple had a beautiful home and the prettiest, most photogenic English Bulldog. I’m so glad they sent me this picture with him in it. We built them a custom double table that has two 45 degree angles with a raised surface in the corner. Looks like it fits perfect!

Corner Deluxe Table

A customer asked for a Deluxe table and a Buffet table joined together to make one corner piece. It turned out awesome, but I messed up royally on the pricing and lost a bunch of money. If someone wants another one like this I’ll know how much to charge. I wish I had gotten a better picture of it.

Custom 10 ft. Deluxe Double Table

The customer wanted a large table with a massive look to match their other outdoor decor. We built this huge table out of 2 X 8’s and 2 X 6’s. The boards are a full 2″ thick so this table is 4″ thick in most places because of the way our Deluxe Tables are designed and built. Since this was a “One-Off” table, we made a computer rendering of what the table was going to look like before we built it. The customer liked it and told us to proceed. This customer had his own stone mason to cut the granite, so we just delivered the frame with instructions for hole sizes and locations.

Just a table…

I gave this table to my webmaster for all the great work he does for us upkeeping and designing this awesome website. He doesn’t own a smoker yet, but just wanted a nice table with storage space for his patio to use as a buffet / serving table. See the link at the bottom of the pages if you need any website work. He also hosts this website at a very reasonable price. When it comes to web design and IT he is a jack of all trades and a good guy to work with.

Primo and Blaze gas grill combo

We built this table for a Primo and a Blaze 25 gas grill. It is awesome. We have built a few Kamado / Blaze combo’s and we have been selling them too cheap. Better give me a call before I come to my senses. The stainless steel piece installed in the right side is the insulation jacket that Blaze requires for their grills. The customer has the jacket shipped to us from “The BBQ Guys” or whoever, and we build the table around it. We deliver the table to you ready to drop your grills into and use. This table was also stained, but I forgot to take a picture of it after I stained it.

Table for a granite top

We have built many tables for use with granite tops. I have been looking for a stone mason that I can do business with that can give me a good deal on granite tops. Normally, a granite top like this one will cost the customer around $700. If you would like a table with a granite top, we can build the base for it, but you’ll have to work with your own stone mason to get the top made. If I can find a stone mason that will work with me on prices so that I can sell granite top tables to my customers at a reasonable price, I’d love to do it.

Table for a Stump Smoker

We built this small table for a Stump Smoker. The customer was very pleased. We might be able to do something similar to this for your smoker. Call me with your idea.

Special order BGE table

This customer just wanted a large table with no frills for his Big Green Egg. He requested the four non-swivel wheels with tires. This table was 8 feet long.

Special purpose buffet

This was a buffet table that the customer asked us to build. She wanted the back of the buffet left open.

BGE and huge gas grill combo

This table was built a few years ago. I don’t remember the make and model of the huge gas grill that went in it. The customer wanted four tires for moving the 10 foot long table. Even though the wheels do not swivel, he said he didn’t need to make turns with the table, that it would just be moved back and forth in a straight line.

Wow, this table looked and smelled great!

I’d love to make some more tables like this one. My sawmill just happened to have this beautiful aromatic cedar and they were nice enough to let me have some of it. The problem with trying to make tables with this wood is that it’s nearly impossible to find it in 4 X 4’s. That’s because people don’t use it to make fence posts out of. They mostly just use it to line closets and to make cedar trunks with.

Monster Table

I made a few of these Monster tables a few years back. They were built with solid cypress 4 X 6’s, 2 X 8’s, 2 X 6’s and 1 X 6’s. It was not a great seller so I discontinued it. It is extremely heavy and I would think it would last for literally hundreds of years. I can still build you one of these if something like this appeals to you.

Primo / Gas Grill Combo

This is a table we built a few years ago. I can’t remember the make and model of the gas grill but it was obviously a large one.

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