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I think these are the best built Big Green Egg tables available… they are individually custom built to fit every brand. I have refined the designs of my custom Big Green Egg tables over years of experience building them. Every table I build is made with 100% cypress wood which is naturally weather and bug resistant. We place a premium on sturdiness and attention to details. We are offering a superior product at a sensible price point. A nice grill that you’re proud of should be used and displayed in a comparatively nice table. Not in an expensive rickety piece of junk like you’re used to seeing elsewhere.
We are doing this for a living. As you will see, we are offering every style and option we can think of and we are building with quality as if our livelihood depends on it, because it does. We don’t want anyone else to sell you a grill table. We want to sell ALL of the grill tables…
Your table will come with all handles, hooks, pavers and bottle opener included as shown. We can customize our tables for size to fit your needs, but we do not build other people’s designs.
There is no obligation to pay upfront online. There is no obligation to buy if you are not completely satisfied upon delivery. If you pay upfront online and you are not happy with the table when you see it, I will give you your money back with no argument or hard feelings. That being said, payments can be made upfront online or you can pay with cash, check or credit upon delivery or pick-up. There is a 3% up-charge for paying with a card. I don’t keep the 3%, the card processing company does.

Shipping / Delivery – Please Read:
We deliver to any address in the USA east of the Mississippi River

See below:

  • The tables are available for local pickup for free.
  • My delivery truck can deliver to any address in Georgia for $100.
  • I will deliver to the Welcome Center of any state that borders Georgia for $100.
  • My truck will deliver to any state that borders Georgia for $200 plus tolls, if any. Florida south of I-4 will be $300 plus tolls because of the distance.
  • We will deliver to any other state east of the Mississippi River for $300 plus tolls, if any.

These tables are a bargain even including the delivery charge.  They will last you a lifetime.

Note: Me nor my delivery personnel can stay around to help the customer install their grill into the table because they have other tables to deliver on a schedule. We deliver the table to your home or business, but our delivery service includes delivery only. Our tables are very heavy and we don’t bring a moving crew with us. We can roll the table around on relatively smooth level surfaces, but please don’t be upset if we can’t do heavy lifting. Consider that you might need some helpers with strong backs to help you get your table up stairs or onto a second floor deck.

Click on an image below for options and exact pricing for the table you’re interested in.

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