Deluxe Double Table


This table is awesome coming in at 8 feet in length. It is built in the style of my Deluxe Table. It is heavy and contains a lot of wood. I am very proud of it. We offer a very nice removable Hardwood Butcher Block that fits in the recess over the Ceramic Insert as an option. The cabinet can be swapped out for drawers . This table can have up to four slide out Multi-purpose Bins underneath for dry storage of your accessories, charcoal and wood chips.

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We have a working relationship with a custom cover manufacturer. Your receipt will include an order form with pre-filled measurements for your table which may be scanned or photographed and emailed to the cover manufacturer for a quote. We have found his prices to be very reasonable and his quality and workmanship is first rate.

The standard features of the Deluxe Double table are:

  • Pavers for underneath the grill or table nest
  • Stainless Steel hangers for all your stuff
  • Bottle Opener
  • Fully enclosed cabinet with removeable shelf
  • Lattice sides
  • 4″ Caster wheels for easy moving

Available options:

  • 16″ or 24″ Drop Leaf Table Extensions
  • Ceramic Insert in top
  • Removable Butcher Block recessed over the ceramic insert
  • Multi-purpose Bins
  • 5″ Extra Heavy Duty Double Locking Casters
  • Open, Solid Cypress or Corrugated Metal sides and back
  • Two Drawers instead of the Cabinet
  • One or two Umbrellas
  • Stain
  •  (Requires 5" Casters on Tall Tables)

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