Standard Double Table


This table is built taking styling cues from my Standard Grill Table. It is 8′ long and built extremely sturdy. The center support connects the top and bottom shelves making them as one, effectively doubling the strength of an already strong design. It can be built to fit any two grill makes of any size. We have also built this table with only one grill hole which leaves the rest of the table for a food service area or whatever your needs. We offer a very nice removable Hardwood Butcher Block that fits in the recess over the Ceramic Insert and we can add Multi-purpose Bins underneath the bottom shelf on this table for your dry storage needs.

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We have a working relationship with a custom cover manufacturer. Your receipt will include an order form with pre-filled measurements for your table which may be scanned or photographed and emailed to the cover manufacturer for a quote. We have found his prices to be very reasonable and his quality and workmanship is first rate.

The standard features of the Standard Double table are:

  • Pavers for underneath the grill or table nest
  • 100% cypress wood
  • Heavy Duty 4X4 legs
  • Stainless steel hangers for all your stuff
  • Bottle Opener
  • 4″ Swivel Casters for easy moving

Available options are:

  • 16″ or 24″ Drop Leaf Table Extensions
  • Recessed Ceramic Insert in top
  • Removable Butcher Block recessed over the ceramic insert
  • 5″ Extra Heavy Duty Double Locking Casters
  • Multi-purpose Bins under bottom shelf
  • One or two Umbrellas
  • Stain
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