We make cypress wood tables for all ceramic style smoker grills, Weber Kettles and built-in gas grills such as Blaze, Bull and etc.

We are the source for Outdoor Griddle tables, Outdoor Pizza Cooker tables and combination tables for the affordable Outdoor Kitchen.

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Welcome to Wood By Dana. I build custom cypress wood tables for the Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Saffire, Vision and Weber grills.

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My name is Dana Harris. I have been building and selling custom cypress grill tables since 2009. All of my table models are adaptable to these and other ceramic kamado style grills and some Weber brand grills.

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you why I think I am offering the best deal on the market for custom built Big Green Egg Tables.

It Starts With The Cypress Wood


I build my Custom Big Green Egg Tables out of Cypress lumber.  It is known for its resistance to rot and bugs don’t like to eat it.  I get my lumber from a South Georgia sawmill near the Ocmulgee River swamps. I buy it in rough sawn condition and finish plane it myself.  This allows me to keep my boards and 4 X 4’s as thick as possible adding to the strength, weight and good looks of the tables. We use pocket hole joinery with screws that are hidden and wood glue so you don’t see the screws, bolts and nail holes that you see on other tables. Our tables do not look thin, cheap and rickety as does most of the stuff you see on the market. Our tables look good. They are built strong the way a Big Green Egg Table needs to be to stand the test of time…

Quality construction and materials make a difference and it shows…

I assemble my tables using hidden pocket hole screws and Titebond 3 waterproof wood glue. The best joinery there is… My tables don’t wiggle or wobble and they never will. Every joint is screwed and glued together. Anyplace where two pieces of wood are touching there is glue. Glued joints are stronger than a nailed, screwed only or especially a bolted joint.  Joints which are properly glued together will never move or give the slightest bit.  In fact, the wood itself will break somewhere else before the glue joint will fail. You could throw my table off the roof of your house… It won’t break! I haven’t seen and don’t believe you can find a stronger built Custom Big Green Egg Table anywhere.

About Dana

Hi, I’m Dana – the primary woodworker for Wood by Dana.  I started Wood by Dana because woodworking and cooking on my Big Green Egg are two things I love to do.  When I was shopping for a Big Green Egg and table at my local BGE dealer I was noticing how poor the quality of the tables were and the ridiculous prices.  I mentioned to the dealer that I believed that I could build a much better table and offer it to him at a price he could afford to resell.  He gave me a shot at it, loved my table and from there Wood by Dana was born. I build tables that I am proud of and I build them as if I were building them for myself.  I don’t know any other way…  Every table is hand-built by myself and a couple of woodworking buddies of mine who have now turned out to be employees of mine also. We’re not just out in the shop playing around. We make our living doing this. Our livelihood depends on our reputation, the quality of our product and your satisfaction with it. Thank you for taking the time to look around my site.  If you would like to get in touch with me, you can call or text me at (478) 391-7168 or send me an email at jdanaharris@gmail.com


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